Sion hill

4H tour, morning or afternoon,
9h/13h or 14/18h or in your convenience
about 90 km. Departure from your hotel in Nancy.

Discover this enchanting hill by its natural beauty and its millennial history. If you are looking for peace, you may meet her here. Located in the heart of the Saintois, this ancient Gallo-Roman site is now a pilgrimage site perched on a hill visible for miles. A geological peculiarity of this place will hold your attention, you will leave in search of the famous «Sion’s stars» which are fossils of marine animals who lived there there are 200 million years when the sea covered the area. Guaranteed delight!
The view of Mount Barrès on the south of the Saintois with the Vosges in the background will fill you with serenity. And if weather permitting you will have the chance to see the Alps.
You will also have the opportunity to discover the City of Landscapes, a very pleasant space dedicated to nature. Return by Haroué castle.

120 €
1 to 2 persons   •   50 € person mor

réservation :  06 08 22 66 60  or